Most people know me from one of two parts of my life. They either know me from my personal life or my life at work. As of 2006 my life at home changed drastically due to the birth of my daughter Julia. She came bouncing into this world with daddy wrapped around her little finger. Just hardly over a year later came baby brother Coleman. A jokester and all around goofy kid he quickly became my little buddy always ready to hang out with Dad. He immediately received the title Bubby. Sounds very trailer park doesn’t it, “Bubby”.

Other people know me from my career in the tugboat/inland barge industry. This career has taken me through many different facets of this business from shoreside to vessel. I’m currently a captain on a Towboat (which means we push barges and don’t tow them at all) choosing the boat over the office. Being stuck in a cubicle all day drove me a little crazy. It was something I liken to being beaten with a blunt object while being forced to listen repeatedly to the Macarena at the same time someone tells me my dog just got run over by a car. Needless to say it wasn’t for me.

My career as a parent has been diverse also. I’ve been a 9-5 worker off nights and weekends. I was a stay at home dad for about a year, taking care of a two and three year old. Dealing with potty training, feeding, clothing and dragging two small children around everywhere I went. A very rewarding experience as most fathers are never able to do this. Maybe for good reason though because at times I was on the brink of insanity. My current position is being a father that is gone two weeks at a time only to be home for one. This will be what I talk about most because its extremely unique and a lot of men in this business make this sacrifice of time to support their families. It’s often very hard to balance and can break some people.

All that being said, most of my parenting has been successful and rewarding. There are however plenty of failures on my part as a father. I have a 15 year old daughter that I haven’t seen since she was just months old. She didn’t know I was her father until she was ten. Lets just say that her finding out the dad that raised her wasn’t the man that helped create her did not go over well and that is more than expected. It’s the hardest thing I ever had to live with knowing that because of my actions someone I love with all my heart may never want to know me. It effects the way I raise my children now and the way I live my life every day.

Well now that you know a little about me we can see where this blog goes. Maybe somebody besides just my mom will read it.


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